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Goodbye, Brooklyn Player Grades: Jerry Stackhouse

2013 season stats: 37 gms, 15 mpg, 4.9 ppg, 0.9 rpg, 0.9 apg, 38% FG, 87% FT, 34% 3-pt FG, 0.6 to. 

Stackhouse’s 2013 season started with a bang, but really slowed down after that. In November, Jerry looked like he could be a very valuable rotation player with the Nets this season. He was hitting all of his corner 3’s and was even scoring on some mid-range jump shots. Of the 30 3’s he hit this season, 15 of them came in the month of November where he shot over 50% from long range.

His great month was capped off with back-to-back games against division rivals, the Knicks and Celtics, where he combined to shoot 9/11 from 3 for 31 points.

Once Avery Johnson was fired in late December, Stackhouse started getting less and less playing time and eventually fell out of the rotation all together. The Nets’ plan was to let him regain his health and then come back strong for the playoffs. He missed nearly 2 months of the season, when he was sometimes not even with the team, to rest.

Once he returned, Stack was just not the same player. Teams were guarding him more closely around the 3-point arc, which gave him less opportunities to score. With his 3-point weapon taken away, there wasn’t much else that the 38-year old could do.

In the playoffs, Jerry’s best moment was clearly when he sang the national anthem before game 1. This got the team fired up and the Nets went out and played a great game. However, Stackhouse was 0-3 with 3 air balls in that game and only shot 1-10 in the playoffs. He did not play in games 5, 6, or 7.

Even though Stackhouse did not have a great ending at all to this season, he actually exceeded my expectations for him. I thought that he would get little-to-no playing time this season. Instead, he was actually a very important part of this team in November and he is a big reason why Avery Johnson won coach of the month. Yes, it is unfortunate that he did not play better in the playoffs, but coming into this season, did you honestly expect Jerry Stackhouse to play in the playoffs at all? The answer should be no.

If Stackhouse does return to the NBA next season, I’m sure the Nets would welcome him and give him a roster spot. However, I’m not sure that is the right decision for him. Although he never won an NBA championship, he has had a very good career, and it’s clear that his best days are long behind him. I think it is time for Stackhouse to move onto his next career, whether that is in basketball, or something else.

Final grade: B-

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