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Woj: Jason Kidd Wants Nets Coaching Job

Just  a week after he retired, Jason Kidd is back in the news. According to an article by Adrian Wojnarowski, former New Jersey Net and more recently Manhattan Knick Jason Kidd wants to become the next head coach in Brooklyn.

According to Woj, Kidd is talking with associates about possibly interviewing for the Nets’ coaching position. Kidd is trying to put together a veteran assistant staff to help him transition easily from a playing career to a head coaching career with no time in between.

Kidd is still close with the Nets organization despite joining their rivals last season. He considered joining the team in their first year in Brooklyn, but instead chose Manhattan, who was able to offer him much more money, so that choice was understandable.

Kidd, of course, lead the 2002 and ’03 New Jersey Nets to the NBA finals in his first two seasons with the team and he is unquestionably their best player in NBA franchise history.

Kidd is also very good friends with Nets starting point guard Deron Williams and they often play golf together in the offseason.

As far as we know, the Nets have yet to conduct any interviews, so it is impossible to say if Kidd really has a good chance of getting this job. I believe that both Brian Shaw and Lionel Hollins are still above Kidd in the Nets’ minds, but Jason could be just behind those two.

In my opinion, I think Kidd would be better suited as an assistant for a few years at least before moving to the head coaching position. Brian Shaw has been an assistant for 10 years and is just now getting a chance to become a head coach. If Kidd were to just go straight from playing to coaching, I think he would make some beginner mistakes, which is not something the Nets want from their next coach.

I would love Kidd to join the Nets as an assistant next season. However, I don’t think he would be a great fit as a head coach. At least not yet.

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