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Billy King Meets With Brian Shaw for 4 Hours, Meeting Goes "Very Good"

Jason Kidd has not been named coach of the Brooklyn Nets quite yet, and GM Billy King knows that. He has continued the search for a coach today by interviewing the other leading candidate, Brian Shaw of the Indiana Pacers.

According to reports, the meeting went “very good” and it lasted over 4 hours long. So it seems like Shaw is still very much alive to become the next coach of the Nets.

Mikhail Prokhorov flew Shaw out to Brooklyn on a private jet last night indicating that he still is interested in making him coach.

Nobody seems to know yet which direction the Nets are heading in here and it seems like this will be a two-man race between Kidd and Shaw. Other candidates like Lionel Hollins, George Karl, Doc Rivers, and even some European coaches are no longer being considered.

Of course, Shaw may also have to make a decision. He is also in the running to become the coach of the L.A. Clippers. If both teams decide they want Shaw, he will have to choose between them. If he chooses L.A., Jason Kidd might end up being coach of the Nets after all.

We will wait and see what happens.

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