Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd

Tyson Chandler: Nets Better, Knicks Worse with Jason Kidd as Coach

The latest NBA player to chime in on Jason Kidd coaching the Nets is Kidd’s former teammate in both Dallas and Manhattan, Tyson Chandler. Chandler clearly has the utmost respect for Kidd, who helped lead the Mavericks to an unexpected title in 2011 and Manhattan to the second best record in the east last year.

Here’s some of what Chandler had to say about Kidd:

“Actually I’m not surprised at all. Jason and I had a lot of conversations during the season about retirement and coaching…I think it’s a big hole we have to fill now. We’re going to miss some of that good experience back there. He brought so much experience and knowledge that we’re going to miss. I’m sure Glen [Grunwald] is right now preparing and trying to figure out how to make up for it.’’

Even though Chandler is saying what he is “supposed to say”, I think he is right. Even though Kidd did not make a major impact on the stat sheet last year, in my opinion, there is no way the Knicks would have won 50+ games without him in the lineup and in the locker room.

Kidd coming to Brooklyn will add even more fire to the rivalry that began last season between these two teams.

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