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Will the New York Islanders Really Play at Barclays Center?

With the New York Islanders’ move to Brooklyn now just 16 months away, it is clear that Barclays Center still has a lot of work to do to make the arena hockey-ready. Since the Brooklyn Nets have taken a lot of control of the Islanders franchise, many Islanders fans have not exactly been happy.

First, the Nets threatened to change the Islanders’ colors of blue and orange to Brooklyn’s colors of black and white. Fans were not happy about that, although the Islanders may make an alternate black and white jersey.

Now, with hockey just around the corner, Barclays Center has released the picture above of its hockey setup, which is not satisfactory at all for a hockey fan.

The obvious problem is the scoreboard, which is not in the center of the ice. That looks pretty horrible. On top of that, there are very few lower level seats behind the left-hand goal, which means fewer expensive tickets available.

On top of that, Barclays Center’s hockey capacity is only 14,500, which would make it the smallest arena in the NHL in its biggest market. Brooklyn will have even fewer seats than the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island had, which was already too few.

I don’t expect hockey to be played in this stadium before some hockey renovations are done, because this is definitely unacceptable. Hockey locker rooms will be built over the summer and there be some other changes after that.

The Islanders host the New Jersey Devils in a preseason game in Brooklyn in October. It will be the first hockey game ever played in Barclays Center.

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  • LIslanders

    There has been no formal announcement, at least not yet, that the Isles are in fact going to definitely be starting the 2014-2015 season at Barclays. To date, despite Wang stating that he would welcome moving the Isles out of Nassau a year earlier if possible, it is still well known that their current lease at the Nassau Coliseum expires at the conclusion of the 2014-2015 season and if that continues to remain the case, that they would start play at Barclays in Sept/Oct 2015, not Sept/Oct 2014.

  • islesfan

    Regardless of what you may think, the view of Islanders hockey at Barclays is far superior to the view at Kansas City, Quebec City, or Seattle.

    • Jonah

      But is it better than the view in Nassau?