Glen Davis and Kris Humphries

Should the Brooklyn Nets Trade the 22nd Pick in the NBA Draft?

In an intriguing post on NetsDaily this afternoon, they consider the possibility of the Nets trading their 22nd overall pick in the NBA draft on Thursday. In the proposed trade, the Nets would send Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, and the draft pick to the Orlando Magic for Glen Davis, Arron Afflalo, and Andrew Nicholson. Here’s what NetsDaily writer Tom Lorenzo had to say about the proposed trade:

The main reason this trade works for the Nets is because they are built to win-ish now, with Johnson, Williams, Lopez and Wallace on the books for three more seasons. They have no cap space and no young assets, which makes a major blockbuster trade difficult to pull off. They can’t trade Wallace or Johnson, and they won’t trade Williams or Lopez. What my thinking was, improve the bench by adding Davis and Affllalo, who can provide the offense in the second unit that Hump and Brooks couldn’t. In fact, the Nets get two players who started last season for the Orlando Magic and scored 15-plus points per game, and Nicholson, a young player with plenty of ability — who arguably could turn out to be better than anyone available at No. 22 in this year’s draft.

Once Gorgui Dieng went off the board, there didn’t seem to be a player who fits the Nets needs — a big who can come in and play right away. It’s not a perfect trade for the Nets, but given their window and need to upgrade the bench, it worked for me. Does it work for the NetsDaily readers? Well… #FireLorenzo.

This trade makes perfect sense to me for both teams, but especially Brooklyn. The Nets would rid themselves of the now infamous HBAP (Humphries, Brooks, and pick(s)) and they get back two proven NBA winners and talented players in return.

This solves the Nets’ power forward conundrum as they now have the choice to start either Davis and keep Blatche coming off the bench, or start Blatche and bring Davis in off the bench, a role he often played on some very good Boston teams in the past.

Additionally, Afflalo would be a great fit for the Nets. He brings two things that Marshon was never able to do: shoot and play defense. He is nearly a 40% career 3-point shooter while also being known for his defense while he was in Denver. Also, he’s still only 27 years old so he still has a lot left in the tank, unlike perhaps Gerald Wallace. If Wallace continues to struggle next year like he did at the end of this season, Afflalo could easily replace him in the starting lineup.

Last but not least, Nicholson showed some promise last year as a rookie and could be a nice building block for the future, but if Orlando demanded it, he wouldn’t even have to be in this trade.

So to sum up this trade, it will deepen Brooklyn’s bench significantly while not adding much to the payroll and it will get rid of a couple of players who seemed lost with the Nets last year.

The question, of course, is why would this make sense for Orlando? Well, that team is clearly nowhere close to the playoffs, so they are trying to cut as much payroll as possible. Both Afflalo and Davis have contracts that extend beyond next season, while Humphries does not, making The Hump attractive. Additionally, Orlando would get back a first round pick in the deal, which is what they want the most.

Will this trade get done? These two teams have had pretty well known trade discussions in the past with nothing coming of it. But hopefully if Billy King sees this, something will happen this time around.

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  • Dusty Reynolds

    Magic Fan here so not saying with our ridiculous GM it could not happen, but not too many times do you ever steal two of the best players on someone’s team with resonable contracts for your garbage’ and a late first round (almost second) in a very week draft class. Especially for 5mil. player that is being paid 15mil. on an expiring contract yes…making him unmovable and not a trade asset. Also giving up one of the few guys the Magic believe can develop into something in Nicholson. This is a great move for the Nets but just like most fans they get caught up in their percieved value of their own players and don’t think reasonably. Afflalo alone can probably pull a 20 pick from a team let alone Davis.

    • Jonah

      The reason it makes sense for Orlando is because neither Afflalo nor Davis is part of their future. And they can keep Nicholson if they want, I don’t really care. By acquiring Humphries, they get a guy who’s contract will expire at the end of next season, which is better than paying Davis past next season. Plus, Marshon Brooks needs a change of scenery. He has a chance to shine there. Then, the draft pick is thought of to be in the strong part of this draft, where there are lots of role players that can help a team in the future. It really does make sense for Orlando.

      • Dusty Reynolds

        First in the NBA change of scenery rarely other words Brooks is an end of the bench player and will not shine anywhere. Next Orlando will have plenty of free money next year when Turkoglu and Al Harrington are off the books. Under the new CBA they must maintain a minimum salary and with out these two they would have to sign two more BS players, at least Afflalo and Davis can be useful. It makes no sense to take Humphries on, we have all other players on rookie contracts other than Nelson where we can cut him this year and next at half the price. Orlando is looking for a quick turnaround, they even believe they are on their way up this year not to be sunk by crap from another team. By the way the top of the draft is supposed to be role players and no stars that leaves the middle and end to be lackluster and only athletic propaganda. If you were proposing next years for Davis we might have something. Many rumors have it the Clips are willing to trade Bledsoe straight up for Afflalo if you don’t think that is better than the #22 pick than we have a strong difference in opinion.