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Will the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn Nets Trade Actually Happen?

The Brooklyn Nets have failed to pull off many blockbuster trades in the past, but the latest one is sure intriguing. The Nets want to acquire Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the Boston Celtics, but they will need to give up a whole lot to get this done.

In the latest trade scenario of Adrian Wojnarowski, the Nets would need to give up Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Reggie Evans, three first round picks, and do a sign-and-trade with Keith Bogans. Additionally, they would be forced to take back Jason Terry’s bad contract from Boston, along with paying Garnett and Pierce both large salaries next season.

According to Woj, the trade is now being discussed by the ownership of both teams and a deal could be in place by the end of the night. However, the teams may need to wait until July 10th for a deal to get done.

Even though the Nets would be giving up a lot, this is a trade they must do if they are presented with the option. They are a team in win-now mode, and this trade would make them the clear second best team in the east next season behind Miami. With a possible starting lineup of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Brook Lopez, the Brooklyn Nets could be the first team not named the Miami Heat to win the eastern conference since 2010.

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