Sebastian Telfair

Brooklyn Nets Free Agency Profiles: Sebastian Telfair

We will now look at another possible backup point guard, Sebastian Telfair, of the Toronto Raptors.

2012-13 stats: 4.3 ppg, 3.0 apg, 1.2 rpg, 14 mpg, 29% FG, 27% 3-pt FG%.

Like Shaun Livingston, Sebastian Telfair was a player who came straight out of high school, was a high lottery pick, and failed in the NBA. He has played for 8 different teams already and has yet to stick anywhere for more than a season or 2.

However, Telfair was born and raised in Brooklyn and would like nothing more than to be sign with his hometown team, who also is expected to be competing for a championship next season. Telfair has never even made the playoffs in his career and would love to come back home to finally do it.

All of this seems really nice. However, the problem is that Sebastian Telfair simply isn’t that good at basketball, which is obviously an issue. He has never averaged more than 10 ppg in his career and hasn’t averaged above 8 ppg since 2009. His strength has never been his passing, but he has also always shot a very low percentage from both the field and from 3.

One would hope that Telfair, who is a veteran, would have figured out the NBA game better by now, but it doesn’t appear that that is the case.

I would feel happy for Telfair if he got to come home to Brooklyn. However, I don’t see a place that he fits in with this team.

Chances Telfair comes to Brooklyn: 20%

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