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With Bogdanovic Out, Is Alan Anderson Brooklyn Nets' Plan B?

With the news from earlier today that Bojan Bogdanovic would not be coming over from Europe this season, Adrian Wojnarowski suggests that former Toronto Raptor Alan Anderson could be Brooklyn’s Plan B.

Anderson will fill many of the Nets’ needs. He is a very good shooter and is also known as a solid defender. Additionally, the Nets could probably sign him for the veterans minimum, which would save them a lot of money because of the luxury tax.

Anderson is 30 years old but has only played in 4 NBA seasons, two of which were in 2006 and 2007. Last season, Anderson averaged over 10 ppg for Toronto including games where he scored 35 and 26 points against the Manhattan Knicks.

He is a streaky shooter, but when he gets hot, you definitely don’t want Anderson on the other team.

Other Plan B options for the Nets include Metta World Peace and Andrei Kirilenko.

World Peace will likely be amnestied by the Lakers and will become available soon. The Nets will probably need to pay him the full mini-MLE if they want to get him.

Kirilenko is doubtful to sign with the Nets because he thinks he can make more money elsewhere. He recently opted out of a 1 year/$10 million contract. The most he can make with the Nets is $10 million over 3 years.

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