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Kevin Garnett Will Choose #2 to Honor Former Teammate Malik Sealy

When Kevin Garnett eventually takes the court for the Brooklyn Nets, he will not be wearing #5 (which will probably be retired by the Nets in honor of Jason Kidd) or #21 (which he wore for over 10 years in Minnesota). Instead, he will be wearing #2, which he has never worn before in his NBA career.

Garnett is choosing this new number to honor his former teammate in Minnesota, Malik Sealy, who was killed by a drunk driver 13 years ago. Sealy died while driving home from Kevin Garnett’s birthday party.

Wearing #2 in Brooklyn is very fitting for Garnett because Sealy is originally from New York.

Garnett probably would have preferred to wear #2 in Boston as well, but it was retired for Red Auerbach.

As for the other newest Nets, Paul Pierce will stick with his #34 that he has worn every season in Boston, Jason Terry will go back to #31, which he wore while winning a championship in Dallas, and Andrei Kirilenko will hold onto #47, which keeps his great “AK-47″ nickname in tact.

Rookie Mason Plumlee will be wearing #1 and Shaun Livingston is expected to choose #14, which he has worn for most of his career.

The press conference to introduce Brooklyn’s new stars will be held on Thursday.

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