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Manhattan Knicks Trying to Match Brooklyn Nets, But are Coming Up Short

Last year, the Brooklyn Nets were the upstart team trying to develop a rivalry with their crosstown neighbors the Manhattan Knicks. The Knicks thought they were clearly the better team, that the Nets had no fans, and that the Nets would never have fans.

Although Manhattan had the better season last year, Brooklyn has been the talk of the offseason this year, and now Manhattan is just trying to catch up.

We first saw this when the Knicks made a panic move by trading for Andrea Bargnani after the Nets made “The Trade”, acquiring Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry from Boston. The Bargnani move will hurt the Knicks in the long-term, if not in the short-term as well, but they needed to do something to show their fans that they were trying to become better.

Now, after Brooklyn miraculously acquired Andrei Kirilenko using only the mini-MLE, Manhattan is trying to acquire Metta World Peace, who was amnestied by the L.A. Lakers, using either their mini-MLE or the veteran’s minimum, if MWP would sign for that little.

Unless World Peace was serious about playing in China, which is not likely, I expect him to sign with the Knicks for less than he could have made elsewhere because he wants to return home.

So what? The Knicks will have another mediocre answer to the Nets making a great move. World Peace is already nearly 34 years old and his best years are behind him. Although the same could be said about some of the players the Nets acquired, World Peace, or Artest, was never the player then or now as the Nets’ acquisitions.

This is just another panic move by the Knicks, trying desperately to hold onto their fans for a little while longer.

As Jay-Z said after the Nets beat the Knicks in their first matchup last season, “The City is under new management”.

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