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Brook Lopez to Wear "Brooklyn" on Back of Nickname Jersey

A couple of weeks ago, the NBA announced its latest uniform promotion (gimmick) which will feature “nickname” jerseys for one game this season between the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat. In the game, all players on both teams will be able to choose a name to be put on the back of their uniform in place of their last name, which has always been on the backs of NBA jerseys. Even though Brooklyn and Miami will play on opening night in Brooklyn, it is unlikely that players will wear nicknames for that game.

I suppose that if the NBA were to do this promotion, these two teams may be the best ones to use. Nicknames could include “King James” (Lebron James), “D-Wade” (Dwyane Wade), “Shuttlesworth” (Ray Allen), D-Will (Deron Williams), “The Truth” (Paul Pierce), “Big Ticket” (Kevin Garnett), and “JET” (Jason Terry). Whereas, if the NBA did this promotion for a game between the Bucks and Bobcats, the nicknames would be…ummm…

The NBA has been trying to sell these overpriced and glitzy pieces of fabric for a while now and my guess is that they have not been very successful. They will be using this gimmick game to try to sell some of their unwanted merchandise.

In addition to the nickname jerseys, it has also been reported that the Nets may be one of the teams to be wearing a new (and also very ugly) short-sleeve  jersey this season. If they end up doing this, hopefully it will be worn very minimally.

In this age where the NBA is trying to make a profit at every possible opportunity, it is refreshing to see what Brook Lopez decided to do today. Lopez announced that instead of making up a dumb nickname for himself like “Brookie Monster”, he will simply where “Brooklyn” on the back of his uniform, so it will say “Brooklyn” on both the front and the back.

Although Lopez didn’t say this, he is not a flashy player or person, and he probably didn’t want to participate in the NBA’s gimmick.

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