Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry

Are the Brooklyn Nets Focused Too Much on the Manhattan Knicks?

Since the Brooklyn Nets pulled off their massive blockbuster trade on draft night to acquire Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry from Boston, they have mainly talked about two things: winning a championship and beating their crosstown rivals, the Manhattan Knicks.

Rivalries are good for basketball and sports leagues in general, but is this trash talk going too far?

I don’t think so. The Nets are a veteran team. They know exactly what they’re doing and who they are talking to. The three former Celtics have been leading the trash talk from the Nets’ side of the argument and they are all very familiar with the personalities on the Knicks team.

Of course, when mentioning trash-talking-Knicks, the first player who has to come to mind is J.R. Smith. He had a very interesting summer; first he got a brand new 3-year contract from Manhattan. Then, he proceeded to get suspended for five games, dye his hair blonde to the anger of Mike Woodson, and announce he was having surgery just days after signing his contract. So Knicks fans, is this the kind of guy you want representing your team in trash talk? Didn’t think so. Meanwhile, the Nets’ biggest trash talkers are three former champions and all-stars.

The difference between the Nets’ trash talk and the Knicks’ trash talk is that Pierce and Terry are toying and joking with Smith while I believe that Smith is actually angry at Pierce and Terry for some reason. Legitimate anger usually does not help on the basketball court, if Smith is even healthy by the time these two teams face off for the first time in the new season in December.

I think that Smith and the Knicks are focused on being the best team in New York and beating the Nets this year. Pierce, Terry, and the Nets are instead focused on beating Miami in the playoffs and winning a championship, and if they have to go through Manhattan to get there, so be it.

To conclude, I have an interesting questions for Nets fans out there. You can vote in our poll below. Remember, the Nets won 49 games total last year.

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