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Highlights From Brooklyn Nets Media Day

Media Day in the NBA indicates that the season is just around the corner and we are close to finally getting ready to watch basketball again. For the Brooklyn Nets, the day was a celebration of the best offseason in franchise history and it gave fans their first look at the new additions in Brooklyn uniforms.

We also got a chance to hear many of the Nets speak for the first time in a couple of months about their aspirations and hopes for the coming season. Even though Paul Pierce spoke last, he may have had the strongest statements of any Nets player. By now, Pierce has been practicing in Nets black and white and doesn’t find it strange anymore to not see Celtics green in his locker. He is comfortable in Brooklyn and he sounded like it today.

As we already knew, Pierce came to Brooklyn to win his second championship, but he took that statement to an even higher level today. Paul said that even if the Nets win the Atlantic Division, he  “wouldn’t even want the team to put a banner up”. All he wants to see is a championship banner hanging in Barclays Center. Pierce is no stranger to division titles; he won 6 division titles with the Celtics, but only one NBA championship.

Of course, many players from many teams will talk about winning a championship on Media Day, but when it comes from a player as seasoned and wise as Pierce, it is believable.

Paul wasn’t alone in having high hopes for this season. His former Boston teammate Kevin Garnett said, “We’re here to get another ring. That’s the only reason we came to Brooklyn. The only reason we came to Brooklyn.” And KG is serious about a championship too. Look at the picture at the top of this article. Does that not look like a serious man to you? Even though this season may be fun for Brooklyn fans, it is all business to Kevin Garnett.

Pierce and Garnett aren’t the only Nets with something to prove this season. Deron Williams hopes to prove that he isn’t a “coach killer” and is a top-tier NBA point guard. Brook Lopez will look to stay healthy for another year, proving that last season was no fluke. Joe Johnson wants to silence his critics who say his teams can never win big playoff games. Jason Terry needs a bounce-back season after disappointing fans last year in Boston.

Last year’s Nets may have been soft, but this year’s squad should lead the NBA in personality.

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