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Who Takes The Final Shot For The Nets

Who takes the final shot for the Nets seems to be a pretty tough question due to the multitude of solid players they have on their team, but in reality it comes down to two or three guys.

All of last season, the Nets relied on Joe Johnson to make a lot of their last second shots and he delivered, Joe shot very well in the last minute of the game, leading most Nets fans to believe that he is the guy to go to down the stretch. In my opinion, that isn’t exactly true.

What the Nets have this season is a problem, a good problem, but a problem. They don’t know who to go to in the final minutes of the game. In years past with Boston, Paul Pierce would completely iso-out in games and win the Celtics games. We saw in the Cavs game, that he can’t exactly do that anymore.

So who do the Nets go to down the stretch? I believe the Nets should get the ball in Deron Williams’s hands. Williams is the hands down best player on this team. I personally would live and die with Deron Williams. Deron is smart enough to pass off for  a wide open shot if he’s covered, Paul Pierce isn’t the same player he was in Boston and Joe Johnson isn’t exactly on the upside of his career. I believe that if the Nets are going to win games down the stretch, they will have to give the ball to Deron Williams. (I am aware that Deron didn’t play the 4th quarter in the Cavs game)

The guys you don’t need to be taking the final shot are guys like Allan Anderson and Jason Terry. These guys are volume shooters that can get hot, but you can’t rely on either of them to create their own shot like Deron, Joe and Paul can.

In order, I believe that the Nets should give the ball to Deron Williams first, Paul Pierce second and Joe Johnson third. The Nets have a luxury having three quality guys that on a lot of other teams would get consideration for the last shot.

In the end, you have to trust your best player, and on this team that is Deron Williams.

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