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Time To Worry In Brooklyn?

New York is a city of expectations, and even seven games in to the NBA season it’s not too early to talk about tearing down the Brooklyn bridge. This team is 2-5 with bad losses coming in bunches, against the Magic, Washington and the Kings last night. Are those performances a sign of things to come, or is the complete game the Nets played against the defending champion Miami Heat the real Brooklyn Nets.

Everyone who’s worrying needs to calm down.

The Nets are just trying to figure out their identity. Coach Jason Kidd is seemingly getting a free pass from all of the mainstream media because of the team across the bridge’s struggles. The main thing with these Nets is finding a rotation, When I look at these Nets it seems like they are wishing that they could fast forward to the playoffs. With guys like KG and Paul Pierce, and the win now mentality, you want to see these guys be completely healthy come playoff time.

Also, key pieces like Andrei Kirilenko have been hurt and Deron Williams is still shaking off some of the rust from preseason. These losses are just the Nets trying to figure out who they are.

One thing is a must however, the Nets must give the ball to Brook Lopez. They need to run the offense through him, there is only a handful of guys that can even guard him down in the post or at 15 feet. Lopez seems to play a strong, involved first half only to get lost in the isolation in the second half.

Also, Reggie Evans needs to play. Reggie was the most efficient rebounder in the game last year, grabbing 11 rebounds a game in 25 minutes. Reggie can help this team do the dirty work when KG goes to the bench, instead of being relegated to bench duties in favor of the rookie Mason Plumlee (no disrespect, he will be good).

One surprise of the Nets early season has been Shawn Livingston, shooting almost 60% percent on limited shot attempts, gives the Nets a competent backup when Deron Williams is on the bench. This team still has one of the deepest benches in the NBA and they know it.

With Kevin Garnett, Andray Blatche underperforming, the Nets have had to rely on strictly Brook Lopez inside and have their wing players carry them. So what’s the solution? Would a guy like KG or Paul Pierce or even Joe Johnson come off of the bench in kind of a hybrid 6th man role.

It’s not time to worry in Brooklyn yet, but if they continue to underperform against teams that they should beat you can bet that Nets fans as well as the New York media will be calling for any type of changes. This team just needs to have a set rotation and play together within that rotation and come playoff time, this team should make some noise.

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