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Brooklyn Nets Get Embarrassed At Home Again, By Denver Nuggets

Another Brooklyn Nets home game, another blowout loss, this time at the hands of the hot Denver Nuggets, 111-87. The Nets were leading after the first quarter and were hanging around in the second quarter, but as we’ve seen countless times before, a horrible third quarter killed them. Brooklyn was outscored 31-15 in the third, and that was the game. Joe Johnson led the Nets with 22 points. The Nuggets had an extremely balanced effort on offense with NINE players scoring at least 7 points.

The Nets’ biggest problem tonight was their defense and their rebounding. They gave up way too many alley-oops to Denver, which is what the Nuggets are looking for on offense. They also gave up 16 offensive rebounds to the Nuggets and were outrebounded 56-37 in the game.

The Nets could have been overlooking the Nuggets with their big game against the Knicks coming up, but you should never get blown out by 30 points in your own building, especially against a team that you are arguably more talented than. The Nets obviously have a ton of injuries, but they can’t make those excuses anymore. Injuries have been a problem all season long.

Player grades and notes: 

Kevin Garnett: D

The only reason KG doesn’t get an F is because the 2 points that he did score were on a nice transition dunk in the first quarter. Unfortunately for him, that was his only basket of the game and he couldn’t even come close to defending Kenneth Faried.

Alan Anderson: C

Anderson didn’t have nearly the impact the Nets were hoping for as a starter. He only scored 8 points and didn’t take any of the workload away from Joe Johnson. His defense wasn’t good either.

Brook Lopez: D+

Lopez had a good first quarter today, scoring 10 points. But then he only scored 2 points the rest of the game and didn’t make a single field goal. He couldn’t guard Timofey Mozgov, who is far from a skilled offensive player, and he couldn’t defend the Faried alley-oops. 2 rebounds don’t cut it for a 7’1 player.

Tyshawn Taylor: C-

Taylor has been better than Livingston recently, but this was not his day. In 30 minutes, he only recorded 1 assist and he shot 4-12 from the field. Point guards are supposed to calm the team down and Tyshawn was never able to do this. He also gave up way too many offensive rebounds to the Denver guards.

Joe Johnson: B

Joe was the only Net who wasn’t horrible today. He finished with 22 points on 8-15 shooting even though his 3-ball wasn’t falling. Joe did enough individually to win today. Too bad his teammates couldn’t help him out at all.

Andray Blatche: C

Blatche compiled most of his stats in garbage time and wasn’t good at all in the first 3 quarters. His shot selection tonight was pretty horrible, taking a bunch of contested mid-range shots. He scored 15 points, but they were not impressive points. His defense was also horrible.

The Nets will have to put this game behind them quickly because they will face the Manhattan Knicks for the first time this Thursday at Barclays Center. The game will be on TNT and FRWD will have full coverage.

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