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Brooklyn Nets Hit Rock Bottom in Home Loss To Manhattan Knicks

Have the Brooklyn Nets finally hit rock bottom? They sure hope so because this was easily their worst loss of many bad losses this year. The Nets lost at home to the Manhattan Knicks, 113-83, to snap the Knicks’ 9 game losing streak. The Nets played no defense at all throughout the game, leading to wide open Manhattan 3’s. Their offense wasn’t much better, running no plays other than isos. Their best offense was put-backs off of offensive rebounds. Brook Lopez had 24 points and 8 offensive rebounds for Brooklyn. Carmelo Anthony scored 19 points for the Knicks, while Iman Shumpert made five 3’s.

This was a really horrible game to watch if you are a Nets fan. Brooklyn was down by 15 early on in the first and never even had the lead in the game. They fought back a bit at the end of the first quarter and into the second quarter, and cut Manhattan’s lead to as little as 3, but still had no offense whatsoever. The Knicks made some lucky 3’s in the first half and I thought the Nets deserved a little better than they got. However in the second half, the Nets deserved to get blown out. Their defense allowed open 3 after open 3 and they stopped grabbing offensive rebounds. They took way too many contested mid-range shots and missed almost all of them. They were outscored 34-16 in the third quarter by the second worst third quarter team in the NBA. And do you know who the worst third quarter team in the NBA is? That’s right, the Nets.

The only silver lining is that the Nets have a lot of injury problems themselves, but that is no excuse for losing to a 3-13 team at home by 30 points. All the Nets can do now is wait for their injured players to get back and hope that they will somehow solve any of their many problems.

I think it is now time for Jason Kidd to start worrying about his job. Not only did the Nets lose tonight, but they looked like the worst coached team in the NBA despite being one of the oldest and most veteran teams in the NBA, with many former champions and all-stars. There is no excuse to not be able to run any kind of a set play against the Knicks’ defense minus Tyson Chandler. And then defensively, Kidd is supposed to be thought of as a defense-first coach and he was coaching against a team he knows very well. He knows that the Knicks are at their best when they take a lot of 3’s, but Kidd did nothing to prepare the Nets to guard against the 3.

Usually, we would do game grades for the players, but there is really no point tonight. No Net player played well. Just assume they all get F’s.

The Nets’ next game is on Saturday night in Milwaukee. FRWD will have full coverage of the game.

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