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Do The Nets Really Need Kyle Lowry?


There’s been a lot of talk recently about Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, mainly the Nets rivals from across the bridge had been the most interested but there’s been reports of the Nets trading for Lowry.

What would the Nets give up for Lowry, and more importantly do they even need him?

The Nets in the state that they are in now have no need for Lowry. Deron Williams played possibly the best game of his season against the Clippers on Thursday night and is on the fast tract to becoming the player he was the second part of last season and a top three point guard in the league.

Shaun Livingston has proved to be a suitable backup for the Nets providing some defense and even a little bit of scoring when Deron has been out. Another point guard/ shooting guard on this roster is Jason Terry. Terry is still out with a knee injury that has bothered him for the whole season, but you expect him to be back in the next week or so.

So where does this leave Lowry? He would come off of the bench on the second unit that could look like Lowry, Terry, Pierce, Kirilenko and Blatche when everyone becomes healthy and if coach Jason Kidd sticks with bringing Paul Pierce off the bench. That’s a formidable bench, but who would you have to give up to get Lowry?

The name that is being mentioned around trades with the Nets and Lowry is Bojan Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic is a 24 year old currently playing in the Turkish Basketball League, and could come over as soon as next year. Bogdanovic is averaging 18 points a game this season for his Turkish club. Scouts say that Bogdanovic could be a good player given some time to adjust in the NBA.

There have also been reports that the Nets would need to include a 2020 first round pick.

That’s not a typo, 2020.

If I’m Billy King, I wouldn’t try and mortgage what slim future chips you have for a 27 year old Lowry. Other reports have included guys like Mirza Teletovic and Tyshawn Taylor who the Nets seem to be very high on. Taylor is only 23 years old and has shown flashes this season of being a quality player in the future. Teletovic, when he plays has shown to be a sniper from three point range.

The Nets have been playing better of late, and they aren’t even at full strength. If the Nets aren’t playing well by the trade deadline and they feel like they really need Lowry they should deal for him.

However, we all know patience is not a virtue in New York City.

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