Betting odds on the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn (previously the New Jersey) Nets are enjoying a pretty good season in the NBA Eastern Conference Atlantic Division, where they currently sit in second spot. Unsurprisingly this has made them second favorites in the odds for this Division with bookmakers, who will give you 23/20 on them for it (the Toronto Raptures are 20/23 favorites). It’s tight at the top and, with two months still to go in the regular season, there will be more than one punter who fancies a wager on the Nets for the division at these prices. This is not the only decent bet you can place on them though.

They are nicely placed, in odds terms, for the actual NBA Championship – as 35/1 marks them as just enough of an outsider gamble to be appealing to those who hope for a bigger payoff from their basketball bets. It is a similar story when it comes to the Eastern Conference, where 25/1 on the Nets to win it will make them an interesting pick for quite a few fans of basketball betting who have not yet made their outright NBA bets for the season. That said, the reason some of these fans haven’t placed bets is because increasing numbers of them seem be playing slot games based on basketball instead these days.

This is a mark of how good games like the five-reel video basketball slot Slam Dunk are, rather than any comment on the NBA. These machines, found at all the big online casinos like Lucky Nugget, just offer such good gaming – as well as an impressive jackpot and strong payout chances – that they are impossible to resist. They are also impressive in the way that they develop their themes, with Slam Dunk featuring reels with basketball players, trophies and jerseys on them. The jersey symbols are the wilds, and also (being number 23) are a tribute to one of the greatest NBA players of all time – Michael Jordan. It is touches like these that have made games like these a hit with sports fans.

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