Kyle Lowry and Deron Williams

Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors Playoff Preview Podcast

Hey there Nets fans!

Here is our playoff preview podcast for the upcoming first round series between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors. Check out the podcast below. Here are the questions we answered:

1. Are you glad that the Nets are facing the Raptors rather than the Bulls?
2. How did the Nets fare against the Raptors in the regular season?
3. Who’s a better player right now, Deron Williams or Kyle Lowry?
4. Will Kevin Garnett make any significant contributions in the series?
5. Who is one player on the Raptors that can make a surprisingly large impact?
6. Who is one player on the Nets that can make a surprisingly large impact?
7. Who has the coaching edge between Jason Kidd and Dwane Casey?
8. Will DeMar DeRozan have a breakout series?
9. Which bench has the advantage?
10. Who will have a better series, Joe Johnson or Paul Pierce?
11. Who wins and in how many games?

Thanks for watching!

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  • Newmarket_Brian

    Hi there:
    It’s FanSided’s man in Toronto here. We Raptors fans are looking forward to this matchup. I hope you’ll check in frequently to Raptors Rapture, as I’ll be looking in on From Russia With Dunk.
    I’ll be publishing our playoff prediction later today. We need to stay in touch throughout this series to trade notes (and perhaps a few playful digs?)