Mirza Teletovic and Dwyane Wade

Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat Playoff Preview Podcast: 20 Questions

Check out our playoff preview podcast for the Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat below. We ask and answer the 20 questions that you can see below the video. Game 1 of the series will be on Tuesday night at 7 pm.

1. How did the Nets and Heat look in their first round series?

2. How did the Nets fare against the Heat in the regular season?
3. What is the key to containing Lebron James?
4. Will Dwyane Wade perform like a superstar in this series?
5. Will Joe Johnson remain unguardable against the Heat?
6. How much better does Deron Williams need to play to give the Nets a chance?
7. Who is the better backup center, Andray Blatche or Mason Plumlee?
8. Which bench has the advantage?
9. Which coach has the advantage?
10. Who is the X-factor for each team?
11. Do the Nets need to win one of the first two games on the road to have a chance?
12. Will Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett be more consistent over 4 quarters than they were against Toronto?
13. Who should get the start, Alan Anderson or Shaun Livingston?
14. Which Miami shooter will cause the most damage?
15. What team’s 3-point shooting is more reliable?
16. Will the rest pay off for Miami?
17. Which team will have more trouble rebounding?
18. Which crowd will be better, Brooklyn or Miami?
19. Will this season be a success for the Nets if they lose this series, even in 7 games?
20. Which team wins and in how many games?

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