Betting Odds For The Brooklyn Nets Offseason

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So Many Questions going into this summer.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that the Brooklyn Nets offseason is in total flux due to so many varying pieces being currently unknown. The high amount of uncertainties are making it hard to predict what next season really holds in store for 2nd year head coach Jason Kidd. There are constant rumors about multiple starters not coming back.  The Nets have all of the possible variables in that there are players rumored to be traded, ditching the team to become free agents, or giving it up all together to retirement.

There is one theme that is the same across the board in all these different scenarios:  we have no definite answers yet! What the 2014-15 Brooklyn Nets starting lineup will look like come opening night is one of the most unanswerable questions of the offseason.

But what are the odds of certain players coming back next season? That is the real question that is on the minds of all Nets’ fans. This offseason in Brooklyn has the chance to go so many different ways, so we need to know which ways are more likely to happen than others. What better way to do this than using gambling odds! Here is a quick look at some odds for the happenings going on this summer for the Nets…

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