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Jerry Stackhouse Will be a Coach One Day

After having spent 18 seasons in the NBA and playing over 1,000 regular season and postseason games combined, Jerry Stackhouse finally decided to call it quits in the summer 2013.  This past year, Stackhouse was a studio analyst for Fox Sports Detroit.

“I enjoyed this year, just doing some broadcasting, doing radio and still being able to build what I want to do from a basketball standpoint coaching wise,” Stackhouse said. (via NetsDaily)

Currently, Stackhouse is in Italy coaching the U.S. under-20 team.

Years ago, Stackhouse couldn’t even envision himself being a coach.  However, as time went by and his playing days began to dwindle, Stackhouse gained an infatuation with the idea and decided he would like to pursue the opportunity.  When he signed with the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2012, Stackhouse joined the team in part to learn under then Nets head coach Avery Johnson.

“I never thought I’d want to coach, but now I kind of want to transition into that, kind of learning from (Johnson),” Stackhouse said. “I know he’ll allow me to assume some of the responsibilities this year. I think a lot of coaches would be threatened by that, but he’s comfortable enough to let me earn my way while I’m playing.” (via Stefan Bondy of NY Daily News)

Recently, the former All-Star had high hopes of being able to join the New York Knicks.  Stackhouse had recently met with current Knicks president Phil Jackson.  Those hopes were derailed, though, when the Knicks recently hired Derek Fisher to be the head coach and added Kurt Rambis and Bill Cartwright as his lead assistants.

That shouldn’t stop Stackhouse from pursuing his latest dream.  Stackhouse is a well respected former player who was able to carve out a long and successful 18-year career.  He roles varied from being a star player to the twelfth man off the bench, along with just about everything in between.

As you get older, your athleticism starts to erode.  There is a reason why Stackhouse was able to last so long.

It’s unlikely that his first coaching gig in the NBA will be as a head coach.  He will probably have to work his way up from being an assistant first.  One day Stackhouse will get his shot.  It’s probable that he will make that team very happy for doing so.

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