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Alan Anderson Will Reportedly Opt-Out and Become a Free Agent

According to Chris Haynes of Comcast SportsNet Northwest, Brooklyn Nets guard Alan Anderson will reportedly opt-out of his contract and become a free agent.

This news is of relatively little surprise.  Anderson had just one season left on his deal with the Nets at a value of just over $1 million. Anderson was certainly a key rotation player for the Nets.  The veteran guard averaged 7.2 points per contest while shooting 40% from the field and 33.9% from three-point territory.  He played 22.7 minutes per game.  Anderson was also a player that the Nets would often mix in to defend some of the league’s best players.

Under coach Jason Kidd, Anderson was typically the first wingman off the bench for the Nets, in relief of either Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Shaun Livingston or Deron Williams.  In many of the games in which Williams missed due to his troublesome ankles, Anderson served as a starter for the team.  In total, Anderson started 22 of the 78 games in which he played.  He also started games six and seven against the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, which were two Nets victories. His size and skills allowed Kidd to use Anderson is in a variety of positions.  Anderson was typically a shooting guard on the floor, but also spent time at the small forward and point guard positions.

It’s likely that the Nets and Anderson will discuss a potential return to the team in the coming weeks.  However, the team’s first priorities are Pierce and Livingston, both of whom are free agents.  With the team having zero cap flexibility at the moment, it’s unlikely the Nets would try to match any offer from any other team that they deem may be overpaying for Anderson.

It will be difficult and unlikely that the Nets will be able to retain Anderson.  That doesn’t the team won’t try.

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